Turkey Lovers

by Debbie
(Nova Scotai)

My husband and I are both food lovers as well as big time food critics. We love cooking and entertaining people. This is why we have regular dinners and get-togethers at our place.

One of my favorite channels on TV is the Food Channel. I usually don't pick up the entire recipe but just some clever ideas which I then adapt and weave into my own traditional recipe. The end result is often quite impressive.

Once my husband decided to invite a few friends over for a meal and forgot to tell me. When I came home late in the evening, I found him frantic in the kitchen. I got quite annoyed at him, but it was too late. We both put our heads together and tried to come with a quick and easy recipe.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had seen a turkey stir fry recipe on TV last month. I remembered that I had liked it a lot because it was quick and required very little ingredients. We always have rice on hand. In a flash, I yanked out some frozen cooked turkey from my freezer and microwaved it. I told my hubby to start preparing a big salad.

I then continued to prepare a pitcher of lemonade from real limes, black pepper, sugar, mint and cold water. I had seen this being made on a cooking show and the idea had really appealed to me!

By the time the guests started to arrive, I was preparing my desert and my turkey stir fry was ready too.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and my hubby and I was pleased at what all we had managed to accomplish in such little time.

I guess watching cooking shows in free time really paid off!
Of course, when everyone left, I had a real go at my hubby for this unexpected and uncalled for turn of events but, as they say: all's well, that ends well!

I'll always keep cooked turkey or chicken in my freezer.

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