Quit Using The Same Old Turkey Recipes!

Imagine this...You're at the grocery store, staring at the meat counter. You want to cook something different for dinner, but you have limited meal ideas. You could just whip up a dinner idea off the top of your head, but what if it doesn't turn out too good?

Well, I've got an idea for you...

Instead of passing up that Thanksgiving favorite for something more familiar (like chicken), or easier to prepare (like chicken), grab one of the recipes on this site and shake dinner up. Take your meals beyond the usual. Explore your creative cooking side.

These are easy, simple recipes that your family will love as much as mine does. We've eaten almost every part of the turkey, a few times over.

Of course the kids favor burgers, but hubby and I can't get enough of the tenderloin! Have you had it? If so, then you know what I mean. If not, then you don't know what you're missing! It's so delicious and versatile. And I bet you didn't know that it's also a high protein food, healthier than pork, and healthier and lighter than red meat.

Mentioning healthier, do you know how many calories are in turkey? Get this, a simple, three ounce serving of breast/white meat has only 135 calories! And guess how many calories the same size serving of dark meat has? Only 160! So you know what that means, right? Yes, yes, yes, eat up.

Don't worry about your diet. You're racking up high protein points as well as quite a bit of potassium. Turkey won't add inches to your waistline granted you're mindful of the ingredients you use to prepare it. Don't prepare a low calorie meal then drown it in butter or gravies. That's like selling your car for gas money. It defeats the purpose.

So grab your apron, pull out your utensils and let's get to cooking. We have a plenty of ways to cook your turkey legs, wings, breast, thighs, and much, much more. So have a look around, grab something for your next meal and brace yourself for the compliments that'll be coming your way.

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