Our Favorite Turkey Burger Recipes

Turkey Burger Recipes are as delicious as, if not tastier than beef burgers. Most of us eating them are either health conscious or can't eat beef burgers anymore. That's when we start looking for something to cure the hamburger cravings.

It's a traumatic event when you realize you can't wrap your hands around a big, juicy hamburger AND still keep your health! But never fear, I have a turkey burger recipe for your hamburger fix.

Let's start with the seasonings. Poultry burgers should be seasoned beyond just the regular salt and pepper.

You can use garlic, onions, peppers and much more. I must warn you though. You will need to add a little fat to your meat if you want some juiciness. Not too much. We don't want to defeat the purpose. I'm not sure about you, but my first time cooking them was horrible. The meat was dry, it was almost tasteless and I wanted to cry.

Next, we have to be sure to cook the meat thoroughly. Why? Because unlike beef, if you don't cook these burgers well-done you and your family can end up sick. Remember, we're still dealing with poultry. There are all kinds of nasty bacteria that can make you very sick. Be sure to follow the cooking times on the recipe. Using a meat thermometer to check for doneness is recommended and preferred.

Yep, now we get to the good part...

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