Barbeque Turkey Recipes

When my "Grill Master" hubby pulls out his Barbeque Turkey Recipes, I know I can take a break from cooking. He used to attend the Chicago Taste Fest every year for a grilled turkey leg (among other good eats).

He hasn't been in a few years, but he's got BBQ turkey recipes that are to die for! I admit, I was a little leery about allowing him to handle charcoal lighter fluid and matches without supervision at first. But he's proved himself as a true griller so I let him "do his thing" on the grill.

But believe me when I tell you that we've had to suffer through quite a few burnt meat meals. He called it "cajun blackened", but there wasn't nothing "cajun" about it. It was just "blackened"!

Barbeque Turkey Breast

Jerk Turk

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