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Have you ever had Barbeque Turkey Breast? If not, you don't know what you're missing. It is easy to grill, and the finished product is moist and succulent. If you have had it, you know what I'm talking about.

Turkey Breast should be grilled using indirect heat.

The good thing about using indirect heat is you don't have to constantly watch over and flip your meat. Indirect heat also allows your turkey to cook evenly. That way you don't have to worry about the ends of your meat being done and drying out before the middle is finished cooking.

These videos correctly display how to grill using indirect heat using a gas grill and a charcoal grill...

Trying different turkey marinades gives you endless meal ideas. I'm a big fan of Jamaican Jerk seasoning, so of course I'm gonna tell you that's my favorite. But there are other seasonings, dry rubs and flavor enhancers you can try. It's been said that dark turkey meat does better with marinades than white meat. It's all in how you like your food.

Turkey breast only needs a little bit of seasoning or marinade to turn out great. Be careful with the marinades and dry rubs so you don't OVER season it. You don't want your seasonings to overpower your meat. You won't be able to taste the meat! The longest you should let your turkey breast marinade is 4-6 hours. That's it. If you have a smaller turkey breast, marinading time is less half of that. However, if you don't have that much time you can let your turkey breast marinade for 1 hour and it'll still be tasty!

So fire up the grill, grab your apron and let's get started cooking.

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