Holiday Cooking Tips ~N~ Tricks

These are some holiday cooking tips and tricks that I've learned from my mentors and past experiences. It's funny now, but when I first started cooking, my Mom would tell me little useful things to do to make my cooking easier. Of course, being a hard-headed teenager, I barely listened and did things my way.

Instead of washing the dishes immediately after I used them, I would let them pile up in the sink until I finished cooking. I was so eager to glaze upon my finished product that I didn't have time to do the dishes as I mixed, poured, scraped, and baked.


When I finished whatever masterpiece-of-a-dish that I'd cooked I still had a sink full of dishes to wash. And I already hated doing the dishes. So imagine the look on my face when I heard my moms' voice in the back of my mind, saying, "If you wash the dishes as you go along you won't have to worry about washing them later".

The irony was too much; I couldn't help but to smile.

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